ARC – Advanced Recalibration & Coaching

ARC (Advanced Recalibration & Coaching) is a 9,500 sqft indoor fitness performance facility with four quadrants – Cardio Zone, Functional Groupx Circuit, Resistance Training and Free Weights, with access to a rooftop semi-Olympic-sized swimming pool and 650-foot jogging track.

At India’s premier Athletics Performance Centre, clients will have access to sports scientists, nutritionists, physiotherapists, sports psychologists and personal trainers to evaluate how they perform and give guidance on how to achieve #peakperformance.

At the core of ARC is its analytics and assessment capabilities for clientele of different fitness levels leading to the development of bespoke training programs to improve endurance, agility, strength, speed, flexibility, coordination, balance, power and more. 

ARC’s unique multi-purpose center is rigged with progressive, best-in-class equipment and staffed by qualified trainers that can expertly guide you through your custom workout regimen.

ARC is designed for elite athletes, youth athletes, fitness enthusiasts and anyone who is committed to understanding and optimizing the way their bodies and minds work.

ARC’s suite of services covers the following disciplines:

Sports Physiology

Methodology and tools such as PAR-Q, posture and power output analysis, velocity and heart rate assessment, biomarker testing, and VO2 max testing evaluate the client and set benchmarks for future performance analyses. This assessment is key to designing and improving conditioning and training regimens.


Routine, precise measurements of physical characteristics such as height, weight, proportion, body-fat percentage, and resting metabolic rate inform diet, help track progress, and refine schedules.

Fitness Psychology

Psychotherapy techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy, and counseling address the mental aspects of performance; this includes goal setting, concentration and attention control strategies, development of self-confidence, dealing with burnout and injury, athletic motivation, and more. Practices like visualization, relaxation, and self-talk help manage stress and enhance athletic performance.


Learning to eat right is integral to every aspect of athletic training and performance. Over and above healthy eating and weight management, nutritional counseling includes proper hydration, maintaining glycogen levels during training and competition, recovery, and building optimized body types for specialized activities like weight lifting or marathon training.


Supplements are an addition to an already healthy diet, not a substitute for good eating habits. Active adults or athletes may require supplements to help meet nutritional needs like achieving specific calorie or macro intakes. Supplements correct nutrient deficiencies, enhance athletic performance and help you achieve personal fitness goals. A range of high-grade supplements for muscle building, mental focus, weight loss, and performance enhancement are available in-store. 


To return to training or competition as fast as possible, complete and rapid recovery after strenuous exertion is essential. Techniques to improve recovery include stretching, massage, cold/warm therapy, and applying swelling-reduction aids such as compression garments. In-house physiotherapists and trainers with experience in injury prevention oversee recovery as part of the client’s regimen.


ARC’s equipment and resources can bridge the gap between medical rehab and full potential performance. For instance, if an athlete is 95 percent recovered from knee surgery, ARC specialists like sports scientists and physiotherapists will assist in regaining full mobility and work with clients using supportive therapies for pain management and achieving Return-to-Sport peak performance.