Please answer the following questions truthfully. Answering “yes” to any of the questions below does not mean you are not eligible to enroll at ARC. Based on your answers we will be able to recommend services that are relevant for your health condition and may require you to submit a doctor’s certificate attesting to your level of fitness so that we can safely guide you through your workouts.

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Before submitting the application, be sure to review the Membership Benefits & Rates section of this website.

ARC offers 3 tiers of Membership – Basic, Standard and Premium. Each level grants you access to specific facilities.

Level I – Basic Access entitles you to use only Quadrants 01, 02, 03 (Resistance, Free Weights and Cardio Room). Alternatively, you can opt for Quadrant 04 alone (Performance Power Circuit). Which ever you select, you will be restricted to those sections for the duration of your membership.

Level II – Standard Access grants access to all our indoor training quadrants (01-04).

Level III – Premium Access unlocks access to the rooftop swimming pool in addition to unrestricted access to all indoor training quadrants.

All membership tiers will have access to the rooftop open-air jogging track.

Membership to ARC across all tiers comes with the following benefits:

  • Complimentary Basic Fitness Assessment

    Establish your baseline level of fitness to keep track of progress.

  • One Complimentary Guest Access Day Pass

    Share the complimentary pass with a friend or family member. Validity: 1 Day, Level 2 – Standard Access.

  • Access to the ARC Indoor Training Facility with:
    • Temperature-controlled environment
    • Best Safety & Sanitation Standards
    • Surround Sound & Adaptive Lighting
    • Changing Room & Showers (Gendered)
    • Steam Room (Gendered)
    • Secure Lockers (Gendered)
    • Expert Supervision
    • Supplements Store
    • Purified Drinking Water