Facility Overview

ARC (Advanced Recalibration & Coaching) is a 9,500 sqft indoor fitness performance facility with four quadrants – Cardio Zone, Functional Groupx Circuit, Resistance Training and Free Weights, with access to a rooftop semi-Olympic-sized swimming pool and 650-foot jogging track.

Indoor Training Quadrants


Cardio Zone

Best-in-class curved treadmills, assault bikes, rowing machines, ski-erg, and more ensure that every minute spent in the ARC Cardio quadrant is optimally heart thumping and exhilarating.


GroupX Circuit

A proprietary functional training circuit built for hybrid high-and-low-intensity interval workouts, the ARC GroupX Circuit is an exciting new way to get fit and stay fit. Each express circuit consists of 8 -13 challenge stations that together constitute a full body workout. A new workout schedule for each day of the week and a trainer overseeing progress ensures that this incredibly efficient and unique workout system never gets boring. Walk in and instantly access the circuit at any time without being restricted by class timings, or join a group for a motivational power boost.


Resistance Training

The Resistance quadrant at ARC features an outstanding range of the latest in precision calibrated equipment from cable weights to pulley systems to power rack, all supervised by experts who provide on-the-spot advice on safe and effective equipment use.


Free Weights

With an inventory of over a 100 weight apparatus items, the ARC free weights quadrant has dumbbells, kettlebells, training ropes and free weight equipment (barbells, bars, benches, platforms, racks, weight plates and more).

Rooftop Facilities

Swimming Pool

A stunning semi-Olympic-sized swimming pool, 25m long, is situated on the rooftop of the building. An adjacent mini pool has an infinity edge with a spectacular view of Chennai. For recreational users or serious swimmers, the pool is an oasis floating high above the thrum of the city.

Jogging Track

A 650-ft all-weather jogging track on the rooftop provides a consistent, serene surface for walking and jogging. One of the few spaces in the city dedicated to open-air walking and jogging, enjoy the ability to focus purely on the rhythm of your feet, unencumbered by walls or the hustle and bustle of city roads.